Roots – Heritage – Legacy: The past reflected in the present, influencing the future. 
And so much more than blueberries. 

Generations ago, in the late 1800’s, the Superior Company was built by dreamers, builders and innovators; pioneers with a passion to responsibly and diligently create and manage resources for the betterment of their families and their community. Early on, they established themselves as one of the largest suppliers of chemicals in the paper making industry. From there, they organized the Superior Pine Products Company in the 1920’s, acquiring the Suwannee Forest as a raw material source.

Establishing roots in the Suwannee Forest in Fargo, Georgia, the Superior Pine Company’s management of this rich land has become a model throughout the region. With the success of Superior Pine and the desire to diversify interests, Superior Berries was born. Innovation, progress and responsible, sustainable land management in action. That's the heart of farming.

Superior isn’t just a local business; we are a community. Reaching far beyond forest management and blueberry fields, the Superior Company continually contributes to the livelihood of the Fargo community, sponsoring many local initiatives, building projects, youth programs, educational funds and charitable events.

It's with this commitment to honoring the innovative spirit of progress provided by past generations that the Superior Company continues to flourish, not just as a business but as a community. Continually striving to maintain the integrity of the land delegated to us through heritage, the time-honored traditions instilled in us by our forefathers continue. We value this legacy.

"Putting a Superior Berry in Every Mouth in the South… and beyond."


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